Sitecore on Azure PaaS – AD integration – Login attempt leads to application crash when SitecoreADMembershipProvider is configured

Since last few weeks I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of Active Directory integration with Sitecore when hosted on Microsoft Azure as PaaS. While that goal is now successfully achieved – have a read of the blog post if you already haven’t as this blog post forms a part of it.

During the process I also came across this particular error and the attempt to login, lead the Sitecore CMS web app to crash!

So one would think that, since we have followed all the instructions mentioned in the Active Directory module’s guide to the dot (during the process of getting Sitecore AD module working with Sitecore 8.2 update 2 on Azure), we will be able to login into Sitecore CMS and check if the Active Directory Domain’s Groups and Users are visible or not in Sitecore’s Role Manager and User Manager. But (there is always a but), we were in for a surprise – Login attempt leads to Sitecore CM web app to crash!

Sitecore CMS Web App crashes

After our friend Google helping me out, we discovered that Sitecore Support Team have already got a fix for it – Sitecore.Support.139945 which describes “Login attempt leads to application crash when SitecoreADMembershipProvider is configured”.

Which made sense in our case as we had configured the Sitecore AD Membership Provider. We followed the instructions (mentioned on SitecoreSupport GitHub):

For all Sitecore instances in the solution:

  1. Make a backup of the bin/Sitecore.Support.139945.dll if that already exist in Website folder.
  2. Download and extract the archive to the Website folder, overwrite existing files if there are any and any conflicts occur.
  3. Find the <membership> section in the Web.config file and replace

    <add name=”switcher” type=”Sitecore.Security.SwitchingMembershipProvider, Sitecore.Kernel” applicationName=”sitecore” mappings=”switchingProviders/membership” />


    <add name=”switcher” type=”Sitecore.Support.Security.SwitchingMembershipProvider, Sitecore.Support.139945” applicationName=”sitecore” mappings=”switchingProviders/membership” />

After the Sitecore CM web app restarted, it just worked fine and we could login.

“A big thank you to Sitecore Support Team and request to Sitecore Documentation’s team to update Active Directory 1.3 module guide, Installation package for Active Directory 1.3 rev. 161017 and Active Directory 1.3 module’s Known Issues page with this information if this error is going to occur for anyone configuring the SitecoreADMembershipProvider.”

On successful login, I was now able to verify the Active Directory Domain Groups, Users and Domain that were visible in Sitecore’s Role, User and Domain Managers.

Hope this helps my fellow Sitecorians in the world of Azure!

Happy Sitecoring!

Reference Materials:


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