Howdy! Shriroop Parikh is my name and I work as a Sitecore architect. At work I build and contribute in creating Sitecore experiences for various companies using the Sitecore CMS platform. Working with Sitecore for 4 years, I have mostly gained experience on back-end website development using ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server.

From time to time I visit StackOverflow looking for solutions to the problems I face and simultaneously help the Sitecore developer community by suggesting possible solutions to Sitecore questions posted.

profile for Shriroop at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

About this blog

This blog is about exploring Sitecore and putting technical solutions over here that were discovered along the way. Feel free to comment and share if you find sitecore matter interesting here.

The inspiration to start a blog came after attending Sitecore Symposium 2012 in Amsterdam during September 2012. It was a true exposure and a fantastic conference with the amazing brains behind the Sitecore CMS platform.

Get in touch

You can reach out to me on Twitter handle @_shriroop_ or through LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading.


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